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Bored by the tired formats and similar offerings at local theatres Sally decided to try something different.

Getting back to the route of theatre, and the need in all of us to find connection with our fellow human beings, choosing to make the focus of 2handers productions the acting allows the audience to make that connection and come away not only entertained but fulfilled. Plus, there isn't a massive budget, so no fancy flashes and bangs for us. 

Rather than viewing this as a detriment to 2handers shows though, it's embraced - we all know the action on stage is fiction, let's just enjoy that! Let's explore things that we cannot explore in our every day lives and step outside of the day-to-day for an hour or two.

Isn't that why we visit the theatre?

2handers, founded by Sally Lawrence in 2018, is a professional theatre company based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
2handers produce plays with 2 actors and minimal set, lighting and sound effects, keeping the focus on the acting.