We're Back

So, after what's been a dramatic couple of years - with only a little drama made by us 'I'm Drowning' , a mental health film looking at the effects of the pandemic on young people, three spooky plays for Christmas 2020 on Maritime Radio and Ladies in Lockdown read for the radio and then performed live as part of the Southend Arts Festival - we are coming back like never before!

This year promises to be a postive and bold one. Already in rehearsal a new Teenage Relationship Abuse play aimed at raising awareness about unhealthy partnerships. BBC Essex are playing our new radio play - set on the Kent coast one dark and ghostly night in the 1950's. They'll also be a chance to see Dead Good our reworked comedy about body snatching. And they'll be few more surprises. It's great to be making drama again not just watching it unfold around us.